CB radio PNI Escort 8900 , 12V / 24V, RF Gain, CTCSS-DCS,

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CB radio PNI Escort 8900 , 12V / 24V, RF Gain, CTCSS-DCS,

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CB radio PNI Escort 8900 , 12V / 24V, RF Gain, CTCSS-DCS, Dual Watch

Multi-standard CB radio station
By changing the standard, the procedure is easy to perform with a simple key combination, and by changing the modulation (AM / FM) depending on the standard, the CB PNI Escort HP 8900 radio station can be used in different European countries, such as Romania, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Poland etc. Please check the laws of each country regarding the use of the CB band, the maximum allowable impassivity and the need to be licensed or not before using the PNI. station.

Sound control functions: SQ, ASQ and RF gain
The CB PNI Escort HP 8900 radio station provides the most precise control over the background noise specific to the CB band. The 28 level adjustable SQ function and 9 level adjustable ASQ allow the user to filter and eliminate noise, making communication clearer. The 9-level RF gain function allows control over the receiving frequency, reducing distortion.

1.77 "color screen
The large color LCD screen (1.77 inch) displays information such as the current channel, frequency, modulation, signal strength (RX / TX), standard and active functions, and is a reliable indicator of the station's operating status.
Additional settings menu
The MENU key on the front panel of the station gives direct access to the menu with additional settings: screen brightness, key sound, auto start, as well as activation, deactivation and setting functions such as TOT, RF Gain, Noise Blanker, Roger Beep and CTCSS / DCS.
https://cdn.mypni.com/leaflets/7180/sta ... 8900-3.jpg

This radio can have 4 watt and 20 watt
hold CHANNEL DOWN + ASQ then turn on the power - for HI Power

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